Financial Transaction Tax Passes First Hurdle In Spain

Financial Transaction Tax Passes First Hurdle In Spain. Spain's fiscal/tax year is the natural calendar year. Tax residents will need to pay income taxes in Spain and are generally defined as those who reside in Spain To conduct real estate transactions in Spain, you must obtain a NIE number – a foreigner identification number.

Daniel Benaim - Associate at Hassans International Law Firm
Daniel Benaim – Associate at Hassans International Law Firm (Mitchell Lindsey)

This paves the way for a similar levy to be introduced by those member states in favour of the tax At a separate meeting in Rome on the same day, Germany, France, Italy and Spain outlined plans to push. It relies upon a little-used procedure within EU Treaties, the. Many other countries have financial transaction taxes, including the U.

While an EU wide tax does not seem feasible, the debate on financial taxation will continue.

In Spain, these are companies whose main activity is directing and managing their ownership interests (direct or indirect Their business activity may also include the rendering of services (including financial services) to the.


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It is important for expats to check whether their country has any tax treaties with Spain and the European Union, such as a Expats living in Spain need an NIE, which can be obtained at the local police station, in order to be identified by the Spanish revenue service (Agencia Tributaria). Ian Blackford MP, the SNP's Westminster leader, said: By undermining devolution and blatantly ignoring the wishes of the people of Scotland the Tories are burying the idea of the UK as a. Taxing stock trading is not new.

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