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How To Apply For Cerb Ei. Since writing guides on how to apply for employment insurance and how to apply for the CERB in the past few weeks, I've been inundated with dozens of questions from readers and friends about their If you are still out of work when your CERB payments run out, you can apply for EI after, if you qualify. Should I Apply for EI or the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Benefit?

How to Apply for CERB -
How to Apply for CERB – (David Strickland)

How do I apply directly for CERB payments? CERB or EI: Which one should I apply for? People are asking about how to claim the Canada Government benefits.

What do I need to provide?

If I applied for EI but got transferred to CERB, do I still need to do bi-weekly reports through Service Canada?

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How do I Apply for CERB? Sending your CERB payment back. you were asked several questions, similar to an employment insurance (EI) application, including the type of EI benefits you were applying for and the name of your former employer. How will I know if I need to repay what I've received?

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