Genshin Impact Gacha Pulls

Genshin Impact Gacha Pulls. There are a vast amount of characters that can be unlocked, though, because of the Gacha System, whom you get is completely at the hands of fate! Welcome to Genshin Impact Tier List where you can read about every character in the game and find Her elemental skill deploys a dummy that pulls aggro from the enemies but only explodes for a minuscule amount of damage.

genshin impact on Tumblr
genshin impact on Tumblr (Georgie Fitzgerald)

Some may require Acquaint Fate seeds, while others require the more common Primogem. Find out which character drops are the best when you are rerolling gacha and how to reroll from the link below. This guide on How To Get Characters In Genshin Impact explains the gacha-like system where you can summon special characters using specific items.

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genshin impact on Tumblr

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open world gacha game. The very Breath Of The Wild-looking fantasy game gives you elemental powers to wield in action combat, a party to build, and a colorful world to explore. Learn everything there is to know before the game comes out, including.

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